KAB-Paid Student Internship

The Purpose

The Paid Student Internship Program is an important part of KAB's Broadcast Careers program. Its purpose is to help interested men and women pursue a career in broadcasting by undertaking a paid internship which provides training and hands-on experience at a KAB-member station.

The Internship Program is not intended to substitute for full-time or part-time employees at participating stations. Further, training and experience should not include duties or responsibilities that can be performed by a regular paid employee.


Applicants must meet these criteria:

  • Entering junior or senior year at a Kansas four-year college or sophomore year at a two-year college and;
  • Enrolled in a broadcast or related program.
  • Student must receive college credit for the internship.
  • Internship must be supervised by a faculty member at the student's institution.
  • Student must get approval of his/her adviser and the KAB member station before applying for a KAB-paid internship.

Program Requirements

  • Complete internship application form required by student's institution.
  • Letter explaining how the experience will be beneficial to the student's career plans.
  • The student must provide approximately 60 hours at the internship site for each one hour of college credit.
  • The student must submit a written report at the end of the internship detailing what was accomplished and the applicant's reaction to the experience.

Application Procedure

Submit to the KAB by May 1 (for summer internship); November 1 (for winter/spring):

  • The completed internship application required by the institution. Must include number of college credit hours received for the internship.
  • Your letter explaining how the experience will be beneficial to your career plans; and
  • Your resume.

KAB's scholarship committee will review the applications. All applicants will be notified of the committee's decision.

Click HERE to download application

The Award

Successful student applicants will receive from KAB, $200 for each hour of internship college credit enrolled in. The award will be paid at the end of the internship upon KAB's receipt of the student's written report.