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KAB monitors and represents Kansas broadcasters before state and federal governmental bodies and agencies on issues which impact broadcasting in Kansas. KAB coordinates a state legislative grass roots program with broadcasters and works with the NAB on national issues.

Seminars and Annual Convention
KAB sponsors a Sports Seminar; a one-day student seminar; and an annual convention with sessions for managers, engineers, sales, continuity, and radio programming. All of our educational opportunities are aimed at improving the quality of Kansas broadcasting and service to the public.

FREE Sales Training
KAB offers free sales training through P1 Selling's on line on demand courses.  The P1 Selling training campus offers a complete set of training modules and services to meet the needs of your station anytime right at your computer.  In addition, members all have free access to LBS which has over 600  videos from the nations top sales trainers.

Career Fairs / Recruiting of future broadcasters
KAB facilitates station sponsorship of Career Fairs to provide a pool of applicants to participating KAB member stations and EEO compliance credit. KAB has underwritten the production of a national award-winning video, Careers in Broadcasting, distributed to Kansas high schools, colleges, vo-tech schools, and stations that wish to use it in recruiting efforts.

Action Plan to Help Members Comply with EEO

KAB has an action plan to assist members in meeting their EEO obligations under the FCC rules. KAB can provide an EEO recruitment resource list, provides for station participation in KAB's broadcast scholarship program, and offers members Broadcast 1 Source – an online compliance and recordkeeping system.

KAB/FCC Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program
KAB sponsors an Alternative Inspection Program to assist member stations in complying with FCC requirements. The program provides an FCC-like inspection by a KAB inspector who has been trained by the FCC field office. If the station is found to be "in compliance" that information is passed on to the FCC in Kansas City and the station will receive a three-year grace period during which it will be exempt from FCC "routine" inspections.
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read more details about the KAB/FCC Alternative Inspection Program and download an inspection application to print out and mail to the KAB.

Broadcast Awards Program
KAB sponsors an annual awards program for students and for radio and television station members. Entry guidelines for student broadcast awards and KAB member stations are available online.

View the judging guidelines (for station awards) or print a duplicate order form(for station awards). View the judging guidelines (for student awards) or print a duplicate order form (for student awards). Other KAB broadcast awards for individuals include the Distinguished Service Award, Kansas Broadcast Hall of Fame, Hod Humiston Award for Sports Broadcasting, Mike Oatman Award for Excellence in Sales and Sales Mentoring, and Sonny Slater Award for Service to Station and Community.

KAB Kids Scholarships

KAB Kids Scholarship Program proves one-time scholarships for graduating high school seniors who are children of full time employees at Kansas broadcast stations.

Legal Hotline

The hotline is available to member stations free of charge. It provides access to a bank of attorneys when legal questions arise. 

Job Bank Online
The KAB maintains an online employment clearing house to put job seekers in touch with stations that have job openings. Job seekers may post (at no charge) their resumes and KAB member stations may post (at no charge) their openings and view job seekers' resumes.

Tournament Telephone Lines
KAB coordinates the installation and assignment of phone lines for the radio broadcast of state high school basketball tournaments. Stations are charged a user's fee.

KAB Publications
The following publications are available free as a service to KAB Members.

KAB Transmitter
The KAB publishes a monthly newsletter, the KAB Transmitter, distributed by e-mail or FAX. The three to four page newsletter contains industry and KAB news. Advertising is accepted.

Kansas Radio and Television Directory
The Kansas Radio and Television Directory is published annually and lists detailed information about all Kansas radio and television stations. The directory information is only available electronically in Excel files.  

KAB History
The KAB History has annual highlights from 1951 to 2005. It includes for each year, KAB officers and directors, individual award winners, and convention sites.  

Kansas Broadcasters Community Service Survey KAB, in cooperation with National Association of Broadcasters, conducts a biennial survey of Kansas broadcasters to determine the extent of their service to their communities. The survey results document public service time and fundraising for charitable causes and disaster relief. Kansas broadcasters reported $134 million in 2003 in public service time and fundraising.

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