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Kansas Radio/Television Station Roster (Free to Members)
   Information in the directory is only available electronically in two Excel files; cost is $50.  It is continually updated.
   The Kansas Radio/Television Directory lists all broadcast stations licensed to or located in Kansas and includes addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and Web sites, general manager, other management personnel.

KAB Transmitter  (Free to Members)
    Annual subscription, $25 plus your local sales tax
The Transmitter is the KAB's newsletter and is distributed monthly by e-mail or format requested.   It gives a composite of industry news of interest to broadcasters, news of Kansas stations and people, and KAB activities.  Advertising is available.

Other KAB publications

  • KAB History
    The KAB History has annual highlights from 1951 to 2008. It includes for each year, KAB officers and directors, individual award winners, and convention sites.


  • Getting Your Message on the Air                                                                                
  • KAB, in cooperation with the National Association of Broadcasters is making this  guide available free of charge to community organizations that have a message they want to get on the air.


  • How To Write A Public Service Announcement                                                                                                                     Broadcast creative guru - Dan O'Day - has provided KAB a guide on how to write a public service announcement  that is worth airing, that is worth hearing, and that is worth writing.                                                        



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