Scholarships, Training & Internships
Contributions to Advancing Excellence in Kansas Broadcasting may be designated for general use or for any one of the following needs. Annual total program costs will be derived from the interest on the fund. In the short term, the remainder will be funded from the KAB’s annual operating budget, with the intent to move all costs to the Foundation.

Scholarships $40,000/year

Eligible applicants are Kansas residents enrolled in a college/technical college who are financially needy and academically qualified. Annually, 20 $2,000 scholarships will be available. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate an interest in sales and engineering/technology and a commitment to stay in Kansas upon graduation.

Training $30,000/year

We will attract the best trainers for sales, engineering/technology and new media. In addition this fund will pay for certified training in transmitter technology in return for a pledge to work for Kansas stations.

Student Seminar: Training for high school and college/technical college students interested in pursuing educational activities, panels and round table discussions, which acquaint students with the real world of broadcasting. Engineering/Technology Training: Seminars that stimulate young people to become broadcast engineers, knowledgeable in both radio frequency and new media internet technologies. The Foundation will establish and pay for certified training in RF in return for a pledge to work for a Kansas station.
Sales Training: Customized learning opportunities specific to the broadcast industry at minimal cost to member stations. These outstanding in person and on-line courses teach not just how to close a sale but the role of broadcasting in the advertising mix and why it is an essential component of any small business marketing campaign.    

Internships $ 5,000/year

Paid internships will provide a critical learning opportunity for Kansas youth who want to enter the field yet need to earn money—often to pay for their own education. Contributions designated for the Internship Program will allow KAB to assist these young Kansans as they follow their dreams and launch their careers.

  • KAB Paid Student Internships: Hands-on experience and early career opportunities for college students.
  • KAB Paid Educator Internships: Broadcast educators at Kansas high schools, colleges and universities participate in one or two week internships with radio or television stations.